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Troubleshooting help - 88 Civic dx.


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Recently bought 88 civic dx, ran fine after we finally got it to crank [battery sucked.] Ran for about half an hour then just died.. Tried to start it a few days later, it cranked right up after battery was charged, and died about 15 minutes later. Now, when i say it died, the car bogged down, revved up, then died at idle. The engine didn't seize, it spins freely, and it has compression. We tried to restart it, and it cranked, but wouldn't start. A few days later, we tried to start it after charging the battery again, and it started.. Right after it started, we turned it off, and pulled these codes:

8 TDC - top dead centre sensor

9 CYP - cylinder sensor

10 IAT - intake air temperature sensor


Found a workshop manual for this car and here is what i get:

Coil resistances are within specs

371 ohms between wht/blu and orn/blu (TDC sensor circuit)

356.1 ohms between wht and orn (crank sensor circuit)


it did not have any resistance values in the book for those two sensors. Also i did not check the igniter because that was also left out of this book.

This was all taken with the engine cold.


Couldn't find any wiring diagrams or troubleshooting info for igniter, so i couldn't troubleshoot anything there.


I'm basically looking for help before I go throwing new parts at the car.

Also: The dizzy looks new, cap & rotor look new [i would say brand new] And there's grayish powder near the igniter, on the back side. [Not on the coil]

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24 people read this, and no one can help? Anyways..


Went back out today, got the new battery, started it, drove it around the block once [Finally!!].. It ran for about 20-30 minutes, then shut off. [That's what we were trying to see] When it shut off, it was throwing codes

15 Ignition output signal & 14 IAC (EACV) - idle air control valve [NO WAi!]


So at this point, we're pretty sure that I just need a new dizzy. If anyone thinks we're wrong, please let me know.



And, it didn't restart. I forgot to mention that.

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Lol. thanks. I don't take many pictures of myself anymore, unfortunately.. So i don't have many that I could change it to. All of the other forums, I have my vr4 pink valve covers on there.. It just doesn't seem right on a honda forum. lol

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We got the car running, it was the dizzy. got the dizzy from distributor king on ebay, i do recommend him. As for the car itself, I cleaned it up a bit, and the headlights had no silver left in them, so i baked them and resprayed them until I do my sir front end swap.. Pics:

None of these are with the headlights repainted.



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i have one.. it's attached to my 300 dollar ef hatch for sale.


I actually bought one from distributor king on ebay. It's so sexy!




and I know i need moar low! I have someone offering me skunk 2 springs for $25, and I think I'm going to do ett. Ugh i want those cheap ebay coilovers, but the boyfriend says NO. :/ lol

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