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99 H23 engine swap


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I am looking to swap a JDM H23 into my 99 LX with an auto tranny. The business selling the engine says this is possible and is a pretty easy swap. He said the stock ECU that controls the 2.3L F23 SOHC VTEC will run this DOHC VTEC. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have/ know where I can get information (hard evidence) about this swap. Will the stock ECU work for this motor? If not what ECU will work for this swap. Any other info is greatly appreciated.

Just to answer your curiosity if you wondering why... My stock F23 2.3L with approx. 56k on it block cracked for no apparent reason. My father has been in possesion of the car and driving it so it has not been driven hard. Has anyone heard of this happening with this motor before? I have to replace it anyway so I figured might aswell do an H22 swap now.

Thanks for any help.

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