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honda family

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new honda to the honda family... well... kinda. My GF's dad just bought a '09 civic si... I wanted him to get black, but he liked the Redline Orange pearl. Anyways I'll have to get some pics up here sometime soon. here's the list... too bad I'll never get them all together.



1993 Del sol si too much to list but '95 sir-g b18c swap, turbo, F&F coils, rt615's on 15" kosei k1.... yada yada yada, Milano Red

1992 integra gs (3dr), gunmetal painted civic hub caps, Thule Snowboard rack, Milano Red

1992 accord pretty much dragging on ebay coilovers, sportmax 947 18x7.5, I,H,E, F22b swap, some mix of half black half silver split above the head and tail lights (new car to the family)


My Girl: 2007 Civic EX, Stock, Taffeta White


My Brother: 1989 Accord DX, Stock, Champagne with wood grain stripe


My Sister: 1995 CRV, Stock, Black


My Girl's Dad: 2009 Civic Si, Stock, Redline Orange pearl (new car to the family)


My Grandma: 2003 Civic EX, Stock, Gunmetalish


Cousine 1: 2003 Civic Hybrid, Stock, Silver


Cousine 2: 1998 Civic EX, Stock, Silver


Aunt: 2005 CRV, Stock, Silver


hope to post pics of most of them for fun.

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