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I'm getting married today!!!- NOW WITH PHOTOS!


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thank you!!


Well... I'm now married. :)


however, absolutely everything that could go wrong did. We were an hour late getting to the hotel which put us 2 hours behind on getting photos taken, the bouquets were wrong, the cake design was completely wrong (the right flavors though), nothing was set up properly at the venue, the ceremony decorations got blown over and shattered everywhere moments before the ceremony was supposed to start, I nearly fainted in the middle of the ceremony & had to kick off my shoes just so that I wouldn't fall over, the guests drank all the champagne that I had got specifically for me & chris, we didn't get ANY of our food, and only 2 bites of cake, I had to stop the 1st dance half way through because chris kept standing on my feet (when they were already in agony) most of our guests left an hour into the reception, when we got to the afterparty, the club couldn't find a record of our reservation even though I had personally sorted it all out with the owner & the general manager of the club, we didn't have a limo like we were supposed to, and once we got to our hotel room we found that the bridesmaids had taken foil confetti strand tinsel (like the stuff you put on xmas trees) and trashed our room with it- putting it all over the inside of the bed, between the sheets, and in the pillowcases which took me an hour to clean up and remake the bed, and I realized at 3am that there was no one to look after the dog either.

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Lexi Congrats, and one hell of a wedding lol, sorry everything turned out to be crazy. Well at least its over and you can enjoy your Honeymoon! Have fun, and make sure you take pitchas!!!!

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oh trust me, I do!! We're leaving for England on Oct 10th.


I've got a few of the photos uploaded now. I'm still waiting to get photos from my dad, sister, and some of my friends. I'm not sure when I get the photos from the photographer back yet.



I'm absolutely in love with this one of my flowergirl... it *almost* makes me wish I had kids, but not enough to actually want any. haha.


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congrats on finally getting through it. i know i'm going to be so excited and giddy at my wedding i couldn't give a damn if it rained on us, i'd prolly start running around in puddles like a little kid. keep us informed on where you go for the honeymoon.

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the photographer posted a few "teaser" photos on his facebook page, and got our slideshow set up on his site now.



I'd eaten right before I got dressed and completely forgot to brush my teeth before my dress was on- my mum was handing me "wisps" the whole way to the venue since I was so paranoid I'd have eggy breath. (I ordered scrambled eggs from room service)


my sister acting like a total dork.


our awesome DJ, Ryan


My mum trying to fix our cake & smooth it out where the bow had fallen into the cake... she couldn't help but sneak a taste of the buttercream while she was it!


Chris losing his mind while holding my bouquet



and the url for the slideshow is:


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