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remember my rattling noise problem?


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well after the first time we brought it to them, they said that it should go away and it was no big deal...it ended up getting worse and when i took the car back to the dealership today they told me it was going to be done at 5. Around 5 30 we get a call and they tell me that they will be holding the car till monday because they couldnt find out whats wrong with it. Seriously the car is like 2 1/2 months old, what is the probability that it is a lemon and if it is what does the dealership do about it? give you your money back or give you another car?

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k i dont know about your prev. post about this problem of yours but if you could just give a quick little repost about whats goin on i might be able to tell you whats wrong with it.



and if you bought from a honda dealer it should be under a warranty of some kind and the repairs should be free if so....

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ok i just found and read your last post about that i think i might no what the issue is kuz i had just about the same thing going on with my lude, but when i changed out my rotor's and brakes it went away kuz i did it a little differently than usually, i took my whole brake assembly completely off including the struts.


any how this was the problem i had and found to make it go away, and it sounded like it was right in my back seat where you showed it in the pic you posted last time. but i do believe its just the little bracket piece that's tucked right up in the fender that holds you stuts to the knuckle, just get your self a torque wrench or a air ratchet wrench and just tighten that sh!t back down shlould be like a 17mm or close to it.


but ya im almost prty sure thats what it is, kuz even going over the slightest little bumps or cracks will make that thing rattle like a mofo and if its rly loose itll be prty loud. kuz that bracket is slapping up and down on the strut and the fender.

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