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Honda Stepwagon Automatic Gearbox

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Firstly,hello to everyone.

I am hoping i can get some help from these forums as i am not having much joy anywhere else.

I have a 1998 Honda Stepwagon which as far as i am aware has the same running gear as the CRV.

The problem i have is that sometimes,although the problem is getting worse, the vehicle will not select a gear and the engine just revs.Moving the selector does not help,but eventually a gear is selected.This normally happens changing to 3rd gear or from fourth to third.Some days i do not have a problem but other days it is a nightmare.

This is to me an intermittent fault,but i have read elseware on the internet that this could be the shift solenoid sticking??

Has anyone experienced this problem or can point to where the fault may lie??

Thanks in advance for any guidance................emsmile.gifemsmile.gif

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well in all honesty your trans is all fubar. have a trans mechanic replace it and i damn near guarantee your prob goes away, but if its some kind of solenoid itll be whats in a manual trans witch is called a syncro and if that goes bad the trans will automatically pop the gears out and back into neutral unless you hold the shift inplace the whole time and thats rly annoying.



and come to think of it i do believe there is a sensor that tells the trans to switch into gear when you pull on the shifter. and if that goes bad it wont shift worth a damn. so get that checked out 1st

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