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90 prelude si 2.1l


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i have a 90 prelude si b21a, someone told me that if i put the b20a5 head on the b21 block that i would get more compression. i dont know if thats true or not, and where can i find a turbo kit for the b21, aftermarket parts for this car seem to be non existent except pace setter header lol, any1 have any ideas?

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i dunno about the head, but youll most likely have to piece your own turbo kit together along with getting a custom turbo manifold fabbed up.

you should google it and see what you can find. i know i have seen a few boosted ones around, but dont know too much about them.

also check out honda-tech.com, they would have better knowledge on this.

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b21 parts wont fit the b20 there a little different. thats a reason y i bought the 89 si kuz i alrdy got the b20 but to be honest its not worth trying to boost kuz were talkin thousands of dollars just to fab up a mani and fit a turbo plus you'll need down pipes and the intercooler all custom kuz there arent any turbo kits for the b20-21 series motors bkuz they dont rely on another bseries motor kuz its not a true b motor. and that head of yours is complete junk...



b21 cyl walls were modified with this wierd a$$ carbon mixture and some other what not to make it really strong but it made it too strong to where mechanics wont even touch that head kuz itll tear there shiz up.



but that doesnt really mean shiz if you think about it kuz you if you have the money to do it might as well as have a unique allmost 1 of a kind motor/car right....



but as far as turbo i wouldnt bother with it kuz youll have to strengthen the guts up anyways talking a couple g's just on that w/o turbo and intercooler and the mech fee's

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