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Mechanics can't figure out steering wobble


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Hi all.


I have a 2000 Civic EX with 170,000 miles.


I just got a new suspension and Michelin HydroEdge tires. OEM spec, nothing special. The suspension was replaced because it was completely worn out. Your average Grapevine/Mojave cross-wind at freeway speeds would just about push the car into the next lane. It was pretty scary!


Well, the suspension solved the cross-wind problem, but now, my steering feels a bit wobbly. It's worse at higher speeds, but only on certain road surfaces. It also feels a tiny bit loose, all the time, and it pulls to the right, worse at high speeds. All of this is new.


I've just spent thousands of dollars going everywhere in town trying to get it figured out. Three different tire places all tested the wheels & tires and say that's not it. Three different alignment places gave me printouts showing how it's not the alignment. I took it back to the suspension guy twice, and he says it's not the suspension. (Of course, right?)


Could this be a pre-existing condition that is now exposed because my extremely worn-out suspension was replaced with a new, tighter one? Or a new condition from something the suspension guy overlooked? What could this be?





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i had a wobble in my sol when i first got it.. it was just the tires were off balanced..


then i got another wobble but it was 10x worse.. and that was due to a busted and broken CV boot and axle.. there are many possibilities to why youre getting a wobble in your steering i just hope its nothing major

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This is from September. Check the dates before you post.


Because nobody *ever* has a car problem for more than a few weeks, right?<br />The problem is actually still there--I've just had more pressing things to take care of. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions--I'll definitely make sure my mechanic keeps an eye on these things.

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