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Different starting problems.


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Hi all.


For a last few months I've been trying to learn as much as I can about my car and I think I'm doing fine with the small exception for a cold starts.


Sometimes I will prime it twice and it takes about 5-6 turns to start the engine, other times when I prime it only once it also takes about 5-6 turns to start.

Other times it starts right away, with me only priming it only once.

(I don't actually know how many turns it takes, I'm just using this numbers to give you more clues so hopefully you could help me)

Next morning it starts right away, with priming it only once.

Some days, when I leave my car in the sun it starts easier.


Some mornings it starts right away, some other mornings it turns few times and then it starts.


Ones I get it started in the morning then after turning it off, after driving for 15 min or 1 hour, I turn it back on again and it starts like a brand new car.


I'm thinking WTF in my head and why can't I find a thread on this on here or somewhere else on the net.


Engine is F22B2


So far in the last 6 months I did:


1. New fuel lines (old ones smelled and started to leak a day before I changed them)

2. New Fuel filter, from dealer.

3. New spark plugs.

4. New ignition wires.

5. New Coil wire.

6. New ignition switch.

7. New battery

8. New ground wire, from Dealer.


New battery and alternator I check every 2 weeks, all is well.


Did any of you people have a similar problem ?

What fixed it ?


Thank you very much for all your help.


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