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looking to buy a civic need some input on it


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alright guys i found this 4dr 94 civic for $300, its been wrecked on the front and he says it has a 1.6 sohc v-tec now its either a d16 or the b16. it also has a couple mods nothing to crazy (SRI, header, muffler, m3 bmw side mirrors, and a set of 17" chrome wheels.


now all that i can tell from the pic of the wreck is that the bumper is just fubar on the pass side, but the hood the headunit is all intact, he says it runs, but the only thing that kinda seems fishy is the prices and im wandering if he cracked or bent the pass frame horn at all.


give me your input on if you think itll be worth buying or not. also its about 170 miles away from me so i dont wna drive that far just to find out the cars totaled you no

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^ youre effin DUMB, the engine of your allmighty "american" probe is made by MAZDA which is a japanese company.. you fail sir


to the OP, it has a d16, d series is sohc, b series is dohc. if its been totaled and "fixed" it should be on a slavaged title. i wouldnt buy it for the simple fact that it seems like its been dogged and has been wrecked

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dont do it civics are gaayyyyy! get a flippin american car the civic you want i know is lame without even lookin at it. and you seem like the chicken whipped minivan type.


1st off i wouldnt buy an american unless it was a c6 vet or a nasty 68 camaro or a late 60-70's charger ok so ima have to say stfu and good day to you kuz your nothing to me and neither are your smart a$$ remarks, and btw honda's are amazing cars and whole hell of allot better than your pos probe allrighty thx for your input anyways.




and brian not tryin to sound like a d!ck or anything but ima lil bit pissed off atm from work so ya sry ahead of time to ya but not to your gya a$$ probetalk. anywho i was actually only going to buy the car if it happened to be the b16 so i could use the motor and trans and guts to put into my prelude and just junk out the rest of that civic.

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