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91 Civic dx wont start


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Alright. Heres what I have and what is going on.


1991 Honda Civic dx 1.5 power everything.


The car will turn over but will not fire.


When i try and start the car after it has sat for a few days it will start to fire the FIRST time I crank it over, but it never successfully starts. Sometimes it gets close.

After the first "almost start" it just cranks over with nothing.


As for codes from the check engine light, I dont have any, I got the car with no battery.


Heres what I have checked.


Compression - Good.

Timing Belt - Good.

Timing - Good.

Fuel - Good.

Spark - Good.

Ignition Coil - Good.

MAP sensor - Good.


Main Relay - Most likely good.(has 3 clicks like it is supposed to, resoldered it anyway and still checks out for clicks.

ECU - Most likely good.(Has the first blink, pulled the ECU and it looks and smells brand new)


I looked inside the intake on the intake manifold, and it sprays some fuel when we try to start it. Fuel going to the injection system has plenty of pressure.


Pulled the valve cover and timing cover and all the timing marks line up and look fantastic.


I have no idea why it won't start and dont understand how it can have fuel, spark and timing and not fire up.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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have you checked your cap and rotor? plug wires? your whole dist. could be bad kuz your not getting any spark at all and if your coil checks out doesnt mean your gna get spark through the dist. could be a cold start sensor. could be that you have a vacuum hose on wrong on the tb that would make it not fire up at all if thats the case, if im not mistaken there is 1 or 2 hoses that would do that if you mix em up on accident.

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I have spark. I tested the compression and spark again yesterday. And compression is good. Every plug will spark away too, but it seems a little slow? if thats possible. The first blink on my ECU isnt a long one. I am going to probably swap the igniter next and see if that does it, but when im trying to get to it, it almost seems impossible to get to inside the distributer as there is stuff in the way of the two screws holding it down.


Im very stumped and frustrated at this point. Ive swapped a bunch of parts and still get the same thing. It almost fires on the first crank (after sitting for a day or so) then it just cranks after that. Ill have to check the cold start sensor too.

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im going to run a timing light on it today or tomorrow to check and see if its timed correctly. I assumed the "cold start sensor" was just a honda name for a part that everyone else calls something else, kind of like the "igniter", when everyone calls it the ignition control module i always hear honda junkies calling it "igniter".

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