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h22a in 90 accord

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ok so i am helpin my friend swap an h22 into her accord. we had an idle issue cuz the throttle cable needed to be adjusted and the motor Ran AWESOME. we fixed the idle problem left it for the night and the next day we come back and there is a miss fire we changed fuel rails, injectors, spark plug wires, spark plugs. and nothing it still miss fires it has 180-190 compression all across the board we are getting spark and the injectors are working but when you pull cylinder 1's spark plug nothing happens the motor doesnt pick up and the motor doesnt bog any. and when you pull the number 4 spark plug the motor runs better. we have been workin on hondas for about 10 years and this is one for the ages i need some ideas. we changed ecus, we check wires for shorts and we cannot figure it out at all. i need info AS FAST AS POSSIBLE PLEASE. it was runnin like a champ the day before any ideas?

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