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Outside temperature display stuck at 80 degrees


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2005 Honda Accord, I've owned since new.


After having some body work performed, as well as a new condenser installed a few days ago (as part of Geico Insurance guarantee of work from a collision 3-1/2 years ago,) I have found the outside digital temperature display on the dash to be "stuck" reading 80°, regardless of the actual outside temperature. The outside temperature display has always functioned flawlessly until now.


The body shop had taken the car to the local Honda dealer when, after the condenser was replaced, I came to pick up the car but found the compressor was not turning on or staying on when it should. Honda fixed the issue, which they said was improper connection to the A/C pressure switch. Could Honda have caused the outside temperature gauge to fail during some diagnostic procedure?


I will get this sorted out one way or another, directly with the shop and the insurance representative, but I was wondering if anyone had some insight into the problem, or could suggest a simple way to resolve it?


Thanks very much!

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There should be a thermistor mounted behind the bumper, you should be able to see it by peeking up into the grill beneath the bumper. This is your ambient temperature sensor.


It is number 3 below.


I suspect either the sensor itself it damaged, or that the wire connecting it to the Climate Control has been damaged.



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