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1988 Civic wag failed idle aircare

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Hi Everyone. Have tried a lot of things here, but thought I would come here and ask you guys for help.. I'm not the mechanic here, I'm just the girl that drives the car. But rest assured, I will relay the information on to my dad who is a "at home mechanic". Help from you guys would be greatly appreciated..


I have a 1988 civic wagon 1.5 L car with 441,000 kms. It failed aircare on the idle test. rotar and cap was replaced, new air filter, new oil filter, oil change, leaks/holes fixed in muffler, new spark plugs, and failed the aircare test again today. Everything on the test was higher EXCEPT the CO emissions on both tests. But still failed both emissions for idle. The idle was running at around 700 rpms.


On the first test I had premium fuel, and on the second test, no premium fuel, but made sure to rev the engine to 2000 rpms while waiting for 5 minute to enter.


Not sure if this information is helpful, but there seems to be a problem with the starter. If the car stops at a location and the engine is turned off. You have to wait at least 5 minutes to restart the car, otherwise it won't start. (the engine will turn over and over, but not catch/start)


My question is what can I get fixed/ do to my car so that I can pass the idle on the aircare?


Thank you very much for your time.


**edited, spark plugs were replaced

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O2 sensors can be bad, or inaccurate and not show a check engine light. Get a Denso for like $30 shipped I think and try that? Has it ever been replaced? Full tuneup I am assuming has been done?


Could even be a bad catalytic converter. If nothing is being filtered, that's definitely going to throw out really bad emissions.

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ive always wanted to visit canada for some reason lol


idk what they test for but im with mike on maybe 02 sensors and plugs/wires could need a change


also seafoam everything.. do they have seafoam in canada??? if you put some in the gas and then in the intake it should clean out any crap in there.. instructions are on can





bad cats are pretty obvious though.. cause the car runs HORRIBLE and smells funky sometimes

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Me too, if it's not working properly they can throw bad readings to the ECU.


Yeah, and cats should usually last a lifetime unless it was damaged.

On a side note what the hell does pois mean in your screen name? I am a little drunk, and I keep seeing injectedpos >_<

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Hi guys, thanks for the tips so far. Dad said he will check ohms of plug wires tomorrow for step 1.. and also told me to buy seafoam where ever I can find it haha.


as for what is aircare? It's canada's horrible idea of attempting to keep bad cars off the streets, trying to be all environment and what not. I hear they are going to scrap it in the upcoming years though.... It tests vehicle emissions.. here was my vehicle emissions:



Driving test

Max allowable vehicle reading

HC ppm 105 34

CO % 1.06 .18

NOx ppm 1520 747


Idle test

HC ppm 124 170

CO % 1.01 3.03

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