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engine help question


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hey there i was just wonderin if anyone could help me fix a problem with my here's my problem i recnetly did a engine swap in my del sol i swaped in a gsr engine i


started it up took it around the block to see if everything works everything seem fine until i hit vtec and then it makes a funny sound like metal rubbin metal or like \


metal grinding my friend say's it sounds like the vtec wants to go on but it can't i really don't know how to explain but did anyone ever heard a problem like this


before also the motor has high lift cams if that matters and could be causing the noise problem . any info would be appreciated and helpful so just let me know what u


guys think or what could be the problem it would help me out alot.




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Is the motor correct on fluids? They all full? Is the trans correct on fluids? Did you install everything to the correct torque specs? Can you hear the sound when the motor free revs while in Neutral? If not your problem is your trans. If so your problem is the motor not the trans.

When you changed your cams did you put the new valve springs and retainers? Did you use a feeler gauge to check that everything in the top end was properly installed?

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wow metal on metal never a good thing, but only when vtec tries to kick in weird. you might want to take your oil pan off and make sure you dont have any metal shavings in there, kuz if you do something got all goobered up in there. could be the cam pushing the lifters up to high and hitting the cover. could be poorly trq'd down, could be signs of a seizing crank, could be a a/c pump about to seize up or anyother pump, could be alot of dif things.


i would take the oil pan off 1st and make sure you dont have any shavings in there, if you do could be a more seriouse problem than you think. POORLY BUILT MOTOR, or its just a tired out motor and needs to be rebuilt. OORRR it could be that the vtec wasnt wired up the correct way so its having trouble engaging properly

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