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So I take it you guys play online alot huh ...eh i dunno, if rick can talk dirty to me then i'll play online....NO HOMO! lol


I can't justify spending $65 on a game that has a 6-hour campaign (that goes for COD and halo) so I play online a lot. Screaming 12 year olds can get annoying but that's what the party system and mute options are for :thumbsup:

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I pre-ordered it and finished it last night. I liked it, but I've always liked the halo series. The campaign was short, it only took 4hrs on legendary with 4 players.


ODST isn't a MP game anyways. Its just a campaign add-on for the most part. It has a ''Firefight" mode and some maps to be used w/Halo 3 Online MP.

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if you dont have halo 3 and all the map packs then yes its worth it, otherwise rent it....me on the other hand, i got it for free cause a friend of mine works at gamestop and they had a few extra copies from shipping

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