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JDM part numbers for b16a

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I've got a JDM b16a in my '91 CRX. I know I've had to use various parts from Integras and Del Sols for replacements. Now I need to replace some heater hoses. I've found a site that lists all the proper JDM part numbers but they're slightly different than the part numbers I can order from Honda Parts Now (and others).


The JDM site lists the hose for the heater inlet as 79221-SH3-J30 and all I've been able to find is a part listed as 79221-SH3-000 (for a CRX). They look the same in the crappy exploded drawings but does anyone know for sure? It looks like I can use all the heater hoses from a CRX part list but the numbers are all slightly different. It's always the last three digits that are different.


Is there maybe a site that just sells JDM parts or would I just be wasting my time?

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