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allmost died this weaked haha

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so ok idk if youve seen my thread or not but in it, it says im fixing what the previouse owner had done to the car...






this guy i bought the car from had swapped this motor in it a while back i guess, but the idiot forgot to tighten the bracket piece that holds the long axel to the cv. so any ways i drove to the OR,Coast right well when im about half way there i hear this ticking and rattling noise then my car starts to shake prty bad, but i can still drive str8 right... well when we get to lincoln city i stopped at a shop and had em look at it, they told me my bracket had basicly ripped out the bolts holding it into the block and if i hadnt of stopped when i did. my axel would of fallen off and jabbed into the road doin 80mph and shot through the trany and might have flipped the car possibly, crap cost me 300 bones to have em heli-coil and retap the bisnatch... CAN ANY ONE SAY WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXX?????????????????



and then on top of that on my way back home my cmc ans sc along with my hydrolic line coming off the slave went to crap, so just in a matter of 1 day i spent just over $500 and didnt even get any hp/trq out of it... now thats some bs..


oh and the retard has this little weird toy thing as a drain plug on the oil pan kuz the threads are all stripped out... god damn wtf, but it runs tits now sept for the hydro line needs to be replaced....

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