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91 Accord won't start with key turn

Jax Reaper

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I recently started having a problem with my 91 Accord not starting. It is a manual transmission. I press in the clutch and turn the key and nothing happens. I can start the car if i use a wrench to bring power right to the starter wire, but nothing else works. I had a friend check the ignition and the fuses, and everything checks out good, but we can't tell where everything goes from there. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help is appreciated.



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He said that the car would start if power was brought directly to the Starter Motor. 'fortyfootelf', had the Starter Motor itself been the problem (brushes, contacts, etc.) the Starter Motor would have still malfunctioned. Logically, if bringing power to the starting system bypasses the problem, then your problem lies in how power is brought to the starting system.


Let me guess, if your car does not start (same situation you described above) and you open your door with the key in the ignition (ON position, II), your door chime does not work either (assuming it worked before this problem started).


I believe you have a failed/failing combination switch. The switch is constructed of a mold injected plastic housing which holds all the contacts. The contacts are silver plated copper. The combination switch is electrically insulated with grease that is placed in the housing when manufactured. Over time, the grease dries out and allows the contacts to arc as they come together. This arcing is what reduces the grease to soot. This soot is what keeps the combination switch from working. A quick fix is to open the combination switch up and clean the contacts with some 800 or 1000 grit sand paper. Make sure you clean out all the soot and reassemble the combination switch with some dielectric grease.

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