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Dads 89 si swapped to a 90 dx shell


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well me and dad tried to sandblast the black 89 si hatch and found there was a giant hole in the inner bumper and and quarters. so we sought out a shell and were picking it up tomorrow. its from california, has no rust with a wings west body kit. its a dx with gsr leather seats and si dash. only 700 bucks. so we are gonna swap his motor and tranny and everything else into this new shell. will have pics tomorrow when i get home of both cars and the motor swap :D wish us luck! its gonna be my first swap and his 4th or 5th. ill post back with updates!


oh and the shell comes with a momo steering wheel that is going in my hatch :p hahahaha



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its already started crapty. the car is an 89 and not a 90 but thats ok...they dont even have an si dash in the car. it comes iwth the car. half of all the hoses are cut that go to the engine. two of the wheels have broken studs, the gsr interior isnt even bolted all the way down and the back gsr leather seat doesnt fit. so all that is coming out. the momo steering wheel is going in my car soon. and apparently the car has been hit at one point and time because the front right fender did not come with the car...well it did but all smashed up. so now the right side head light points up from being bent. and to make this all better the vin was missing from the dash, but they matched on the door and firewall so thats ok. but its got a Tenara full exhaust which will be sold along with the west wing polyurethane body kit. im taking the honda center caps off the wheels so ill either use those or sell them. oh and the shells is missing both strut bolts. and they rantires that were big enough to run the inner wheel well....so this car was NOT as advertised. but we got it anyways because it had no rust. but everything from dads black si will go into the shell. gotta have it done by sunday so dad can go to work. if not im stuck driving an 93 escort wagon while he drives my hatch :glare: and on top of all this im probably gonna be facing two charges of assault in the next few days. so if i dont get back on then ill just talk to you all someday

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ok ill try to explain it. but pretty much i was coming outta walmart at 2am and get my door open when these two guys come out of nowhere and i getknocked on the ground, they took my key from me and tried to get away with the car but they couldnt get thekey to turn. by that time i pulled the guy out of the drivers seat and slammed him into the bronco next to me. the other guy ran around the car and hit me in the back of the head. when he picked me back up i put my thumb in his eye and slammed him into the cart rack things. i just kept slamming him into it till some older guy came over and grabbed me and pulled me off. so they called the sheriff and i gave a statement downtown at the station, they let me go. sent the other guy back to processing because apparently he has 2 warrants out for him. and i guess they took the other guy to the hospital. so idk, they know me and my family personally so they just said not to leave town and i would know by thursday night if they would press charges. but he said even if they did it wouldnt stand in court because they assaulted me first and attempted to steal my car. thankfully walmart actually got all of this on camera....so yeah. sucks major balls cause im tired of waiting

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well if walmart has it on camera i wouldnt worry about it. if you go to court or whatever and they let you off id wait till you get outta the courtroom and if ya see the guy laugh in his face.




glad ya still have your car tho and your not too seriously injured. you thought about a killswitch and alarm?

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wtf are you serious!!! thats bs!!!! well luckily your okay and still have your car!


yeah they werent getting my car, i have the only hatch in my city lol

they tried stealing the wrong mf car lol


damn straight

well if walmart has it on camera i wouldnt worry about it. if you go to court or whatever and they let you off id wait till you get outta the courtroom and if ya see the guy laugh in his face.




glad ya still have your car tho and your not too seriously injured. you thought about a killswitch and alarm?


well the sheriffs dept. just called and i talked to the guy, they still want to file charges but the judge refused to see the case because of them starting the bs. so im cool with that. yeah i just got a bump on the back of my head, and yeah i looked at a removable steering wheel hub and a fuel kill switch. gonna run around $400..all for a salvaged car lol

i wouldnt be too worried about it if i was you. they did the initial attempt.

sounds pretty ill that you beat their asses though.


yeah i had some good fun making him eat the cart rack. been almost 3 years since ive been in a fight lol. but anyways heres the pics of some of the stuff.


momo steering wheel thats going in my car :p just gotta resolder the horn because the dumbasses broke the solder. and it needs new bolts so ill get those at work


here is the exhaust that was on the car. cant really tell what the name is. had a glass pack on it but it was shot


front strut tower bar thats going in my car. the rear strut tower bar i still have to take out :p


big pic of exhaust



thats all i got for now, camera needs a new battery. but as of now the motor is ready to come out of the black 89. so right now we are pulling the dash and everything else out of the red shell. dad wants to keep ac lol. welp ill keep u all updated

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have fun hooking up cruise control.

do you have the right hub for it to fit into your EG?


well the cruise is easy, i just mount it on the dash in a spare spot. and no i dont have the mount for my eg. ive got the ef mount on it since it came off the 89. i just dont see paying $80 for a mount right now. i think ill get the strut tower bars on today and then go from there. i still cant tell what exhaust is on it, its hard to read

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*got the front and rear strut tower bars out. the front bar is in my hatch now :p and tomorrow i will get the brackets out of the 89(panels had to be taken off and i had to leave for class). so the rear strut bar will be on tomorrow.

got the dash and heater core out. all the wiring is butt spliced everywhere we look. also got the gsr leather seats(front and back) out. they are going up for sale(maybe, cause they will work in my EG). i found out i will have to get a mount for my EG so that momo wheel will fit. so im saving for that atm. if anyone can find a sparco or momo mount for a 92-95 hatch let me know.


goals for tomorrow is to drop the coilovers out of the back end and replace with dads stock suspension. then drop the entire front suspension from the new shell and start putting everything in from the black car. interior will be done last along with the enhaust and tires. after that we are swapping all the locks and ignition key so he can just use his key from the black car.


pics should come tomorrow so keep a close watch on it

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another update, motor in teh black car is ready to drop out. once its swapped in the suspension will get moved into the red car along with the dash, doors, fenders, interior, exhaust, hood, bumpers, tires, and heater core/ac system.


i got the rear strut tower bar removed and put in my car today, its tits lol. you can feel it working in turns. makes me happy!


but not as happy as noodz....bell?

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from lookin at the exhaust pic it looks maybe like a tenrai? from what i hear its a cheap ebay brand. anybody else wanna add in to that or correct me feel free.


likin the progress so far.


well th emotor is ready to go into the red shell. and the suspensions are swapped in the front end. dad goes back to work tonight so progress is going to be slow. and yeah it is a tenrai. might just asked $50 for it and get it outta the way. cause i was getting prices in the 110-125 range. but i have 3 catalitic converters to scrap now :D

yea thats what i was thinking tenrai



i oly paid like $60 shipped for my momo hub. need pics soon too lol.

check on jlbmotorsports.com for the hub, they got good ass deals on those and wheels.


ill have to check it out, and pics are coming in a bit just gotta get them off the camera

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the motor that is getting swapped. D16A6 with 217,000 miles




heres the red 89 shell, its undercoated to last a lifetime lol


interior competly stripped out. the carpet is in rough shape so were swapping dads carpet in


this is a pic fromt he other day, now the ac assembly from the black car is in there :)


if i have posted this once forgive me, but here is the strut bar up front that is in my car, ill get a pic of the rear strut bar in the morning and post it




drivers seat is a little tore up, but in good shape other than what u see


rear seats are in near mint condition!



i thought about putting all this in the EG lol but i dont really like leather seats unless its Mercedes or BMW :p otherwise ill take a nice cloth adjustable race seat

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swap has kinda been in standstill mode but i had a question. we are going to have to swap wiring harnesses due to different vacuum set ups. the shell harness is a DX but my dads engine and harness is an SI. anyone know how to go about fixing this? i heard we could just piggy back the si harness over the dx and just leave the dx harness unplugged?only other thing i can think of is to competly remove the dx harness and try to put the si harness in.


and ideas or suggestions?

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