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Aircon Issue


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Guys, wanna ask...everytime I on the aircon, my rpm will be unstable between 1500 - 2000. If off aircon, norm below 1000. Yesterday, on aircon , check engine line came on, then temp shoot up to 3/4 mark. Almost 130 deg cel. Stop 1 side let it cool down for 30 mins. Then start car, off aircon, drive whole nite till this morn, no problem. Thought was head gasket coz water tank flooded....but once aircon off, no issue liao. Any advise?

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I'm guessing European from the broken English, but from what I could tell I'll give it a go.


Your A/C ("aircon" I'm guessing) will always fluctuate your RPMs when in use. That's the compressor pulley kicking in and out so that is normal.


Now when you're using A/C you always will run hotter (whether the temp gauge says so or not). You're applying more load to the engine and if it's on a hot day with city driving or big hills I can almost guarantee you that you will run hot. If the compressor pulley bearing is shot and is causing extra drag on the engine this will also contribute.


Have you done the obligatory checks such as coolant level/ratio? Are you sure your radiator fan is engaging when it should?

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