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which suspension would you go with


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which would you guys trust on your rides with some tokico blues?


lookin for somethin with a good 2 inch drop and dependability.



opinions and suggestions welcome

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Honestly I wouldn't go with either of them. Suspension is something you might wanna spend just a little more money on to get something quality. Neither of those are a "full-tap" suspension, which means in order to lower the car, you are actually compressing the spring. This will make your ride a lot more bouncy than it would be if you had a suspension that was height adjustable from the base like this one:




But if you aren't too concerned with the overall ride, go ahead and go with one of those setups you asked about, both are about the same.

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teins a little outta my price range. whats pic? i havent heard of them



lookin at function and form, and ksport


Stay away from KSport in my opinion. Function & Form makes decent stuff at a decent price if you can't afford the higher dollar coilovers.


tein doesnt slam..


True, but "slammed" isn't always a good thing, especially if you are going for performance.

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