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hey everyone,


its been awhile since my last post but anywho.

im looking for a d16z6 motor and trans combo w/ ecu. i live in maine and im willing to travel to get it if the price is right i've been looking for a 92-95 civic ex or an del sol si but around here they are few and far between. im about to boost my current setup with a custom k03 setup FTW!!!!!! but i am almost positive its gonna blow soon after because the block is right around 262k as far as i know. i deff want another motor to drop in and after the summer of beating this car with a no-tec 1.6 basically i decided im going with the z6 swap. anyways if anyone could refer me too a good salvage yard in the northeast or even if someone has what im looking for it'd be greatly apprecieated




also im looking for some new tail lights oem replacement and some one piece head lights and corners. i use the term new loosley when i say new i mean new to me. lol

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