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new s2k


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IMO you should get some NGK iridium spark plugs and spark plug wires to start off after the cold air if u just want simple small upgrades.


If you are looking for something more, start saving up and dump that cold air and go boost FTW.

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IMO the first thing you should do is post some pictures in here so we can all see :thumbsup:


and i say intake, header and an amuse cat back exhaust.. go highflow if you want..


amuse FTMFW!

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just bout myself a 2002 s2k was wondering what i should start off with performance wise after a cold air intake.



intake and exhaust will get 2-5 hp, at best add 10 hp, that is if youre really lucky and get the best (aka most expensive) parts. s2ks are tuned almost absolutely to the maximum coming out of the factory, so simple bolt-ons will not be worth the time, money or power gains. to really get power out of an s2k, save up for a proper supercharger set-up (turbos are overused, its inherently flawed in the way it works, such as the turbo lag and strain on the engine created by the compressor fan being turned by the exhaust fumes rather than the crankshaft as it is with a supercharger). this would include headers, head gasket, maybe manifold, intake and exhaust THEN, some seals, and ect...every set up is diff but you can expect a hp gain of 360-390 whp easily. Over 400 whp at higher psi (bye bye gasket). All this will run you about 8-9k :o assuming you will go with a nice bang for the buck set-up like the comptech supercharger systems.

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