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considering getting this...


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ok so here is the ad


"hey im lookin to sell my 1993 honda civic eg hatch si. THIS IS A BAR LEGAL CAR. heres the info:

motor is a b18c jdm gsr with a ctr intake cam/gsr exhaust cam. fresh thermostat, water pump, and head gasket. aebs intake manifold with a portmatched 65mm throttle body. dc sport headers. gsr exhaust with universal cat. Type R trans(lsd) with a 4:7 final overdrive. Momo steering wheel. Momotech ecu on chrome with two step/rev limit/vtec xover. Full Tokiko suspension with adjustable dampeners. front lip. rear bill spoiler. Full sways. fully gutted from front seats back. 1st gen integ rims. primered black. too much to list.

As of now the motor is pulled out of the car due to rod noise. the bottom end needs to be rebuilt. either spun a rod bearing or it needs new rods. i dont have the time or money right now to do it myself. once the bottom end is rebuilt the car will be good to go. EVERYTHING to have this car running is included with the buy. everything. againthis swap is bar'd making it street legal which is impossible with a jdm motor nowa days. i am looking for 2500 obo or will trade for a street bike so hit me up with any offers. pink in hand. first with cash takes it."


is it worth that much? im fine with doing a bit of work on the car but is it hard to rebuild the bottom end? i have various experience with other engines. im going to look at it thursday. is there anything i should be looking for that might present problems in the future? here are some pics and it looks pretty good to me from what i can tell.






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check the camshaft for scratches and wear. check the cylinder walls for burns(indication of running lean)





check for any shards of metal in the oil pan

make sure the head is sealed and the valves look ok

piston for any nicks/dings

the list goes on and on.

try picking up a haynes manual for that type of motor and read through it. its like a motor bible :D

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check the frame to see if its bent. also you can go around the car with a magnet to see if theres any fiberglass panels or bondo which would suggest an accident. also run a carfax on it


good point. didnt even consider the body.

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