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clicking noise O_o


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I drive a 2009 civic lx-s and i bought it like 2 months ago... <3 cash for clunkers =) traded my 95 isuzu rodeo for the down pay haha

anyways, i've just noticed that when I drive on bumpy roads or bumps I hear a clicking noise from the back seat/trunk on the right side. It sounds kind of like a hard plastic tapping on metal sound and i have no idea what it is. There isnt anything in my trunk, but im suspecting that its like the plastic around the wires hitting something under the right side of the trunk's lining.


so do you guys have any ideas what it is or have/had the same problem? It's not like the noise is really loud, I can faintly hear it over my music n such but its probably because im trying to find out where the sound is. It is irritating because it is a new car and i hate it when new cars make clicking sounds that i can't locate =/

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well it wasnt the back seats, i checked its like a rattling noise coming from around the back seat on the right side. sounds like its coming from behind the right seat/inside the trunk, but i checked the inside of the trunk and there was nothing there to make the rattling sound

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i dont think its the suspension but i can check and here is where i believe i hear the rattling/tapping noise coming from, but ima drive it back to the dealership n have them check it out... and get a car wash while im at it cuz my car is in need of a wash haha





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