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New build.

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Ok I've read quite a few articles in here and some of it I understand completely. Some of it is Egyptian to me. I finally have a car that I want to do some work to and I have no idea where to start. I want something that is fairly cost efficient but, I want a good bit more power. It's a 2007 Civic EX. (1.8 sohc) and I'm not sure if I can use it or not but, I actually work for a company that has a lot of unused generators they use for parts. They run 4cyl. turbo diesel engines. The turbo on them isn't very large by any means but, would I be able to use it? I'm not sure of the exact specs of it but, if needed I could find out. I know that I'll need some more mods before I just bolt one on but, as easy as possible was my goal. Can I put a turbo on a 1.8sohc with factory internals? Any help would be appreciated.

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dont use a turbo from a diesel engine. it will fk up your 1.8. you can turbo it at around 6-8lbs on stock internals. just not much more. this all is fairly simple. they make kits for your exact car. if you want pm wannaBustin. i believe he has the same type of civic that you have

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agreed, not a smart desicion to do that


just splurge a little more monies and get a kit

it will be well worth it


what else are you wanting to do

paint? body kit? interior? suspension? what not?


and as always

PICS and welcome to HF

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Is there a difference between a gaser turbo and a diesel turbo besides the size? Honestly I don't even think I would need a waste gate for this thing. It's tiny. Thanks for the info though. I found a kit online for stock internals but it's around 3k. I feel like I could do some minor internal work and get even more power though for cheaper. I read through the sticky on Turbo Essentials. Thanks for that. I'm going to price some minor internal stuff now. I'm not looking at any body work. Maybe some paint but, nothing too flashy. I want it to be quiet and I don't want a lot of boost at low rpms. mid to highs would be great. Unless that's gonna hurt.. Like I said I don't know a lot about all this. Thanks for the info guys I'll post some pics soon.

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