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88 accord bogged down then died completely. Jumped it. It started then


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I was driving my accord earlier this evening. For som reason the turn signals quit working so I thought I blew a fuse. Also the dash lights were alot dimmer. Then while driving I gave it gas and it bogged down. Went a little ways and it died and wouldn't start back up. No clicking or anything. Waited a minute tried again and it made the clicking sound but wouldn't start.

Called my sister she came over and we hooked up the jumper cables to it and it fired right up. I tried to go and it died again. Hooked the cables back up left them on a little longer and I was able to drive it home with no problems.

The past few days the battery light would flicker off and on and today it was solid red. The check engine light was Also on but when I was driving it home neither of those lights were on.


I had the battery and alternator checked at checker a couple days ago and they said they were fine.


Anyone know what the problem could be?.

I can't afford to be without a car right now.

Thank you

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I was going to say alternator but you have those checked out.

Next then try a loose or corroded battery connection.

Does your battery hold a charge? (charger reqd)

Does the alternator actually charge the battery? (voltmeter required) voltage should rise to about 13-14 V across the battery with engine runing above idle

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