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2008 Civic Type R


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Bought this a few months ago, 100% stock. Looked like this:







Topline Aragosta 10k front 8k rear coilovers

Volk RE30 18x8.5 front 18x8 rear

Advan Neova AD08 245/40 front 225/40 rear

J's Racing 70mm cat-delete titanium exhaust

J's Racing titanium header (on order, 1 month wait)

Cusco 23mm rear sway bar

Bride Zeta III bucket seats

Key's Racing buckskin steering wheel and shift knob


Most recent mods:




Other pics:















Most Recent Pics:









Future Mods:


Baffled Oil Pan

Hondata Flash Pro

J's Racing rear camber arms

Carbon Hood

Carbon Trunk

2.4L N/A block or Supercharger

Roll Cage

Chassis Bracing

A bunch more little stuff....



Any comments and suggestions are welcome. :)

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+1 for badass car


+1 for white on white.. would have been SICK with slight concave white te37's.. now that would have been TITS


im still waiting on my one piece headlights from you >_< DOH!

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sorry but i think this just looks cleaner




It's not something I would do, but it looks decent.


Main reason I went away from white wheels is because of the brake dust. When you run big brakes, aggressive brake pads, and drive like I do, your wheels will be completely filthy every single day. I didn't like having to clean my wheels on a daily basis, so I chose another color. The only colors I think look good on white are bronze and black (gold if you have a Subie), so I went with bronze. Now I can go 4 or 5 days without really noticing the brake dust too bad.

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I dunno, I'm debating it now, I don't think I need that much extra power. I pretty much mopped the floor with all of the competition today at our Gymkhana/AutoX event. The only guy who was close to me was 0.2 seconds off, and he was driving this:




Good friend of mine, it's a Lotus Exige with a catalog full of mods. Ohlins suspension, supercharged, Hoosier A6 slicks, titanium exhaust, carbon all over the place, etc, etc. My first time out with my new suspension/tire setup and I beat him, and actually after we did our official timed runs we had fun runs and I figured out how to knock another 2-3 seconds off my lap times. So I think once I get my header and ECU, maybe get some cams, intake, and throttle body and I'll be good on power. If I would have had a proper alignment I could have carried more speed and dropped another 2-3 seconds. Alignment is scheduled for next week. :)


I had a great time today, the car was absolutely amazing with the new suspension setup and Advan AD08 tires. I could get the rear end to step out and move around pretty much whenever and however I wanted it to, it was nice. Took me several runs to get used to it, and I've still got a lot of learning to do, so there's much more room for improvement without changing any more parts.

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