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2001 Honda Accord Bumpers


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I have a very decent 2001 accord lx, but the bumpers have taken a beating over the years, nothing severe..just look ugly.

So apart from fixing them, I am also looking at the option to buy 'new' ones. ( both front and rear) Silver color.


Does anyone know a seller/ dealer close to Dallas from where I can get them without burning a hole in my Pocket.






fyi - I bought my second Honda last week and am excited to jump right into this forum which I joined today.

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I can get those bumpers new for like $40 each, front or back. But they would be brand new (without paint). My painter would spray both for like $150 materials and labor. That would equal around $230. But I'm in TN. And I would tack on about $50 for my trouble.


Your best bet is to scour all your local junkyards and hope to find some good bumpers in your color. It's usually a long shot, but worth it if they're already your color. Junkyards will usually charge about $50-$75 for a used bumper.

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