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f series engines

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i was just wanting to make sure before i go get ANOTHER engine if the stock heads on f22b1 engines from the same time period will be identical so intake and headers can be reused


ok so let me get this str8 your trying to ask if you replace your motor in your car will fit a f22b1 head with intake and a header correct....



so 1st off what im guessing is your just going to put another f22b1 motor in your car "GUESSING" thats what you alrdy have in it then yes it should be the same but usually if you try and mismatch heads with different motors they wont work unless there from the same family like the b-series will usually work with almost any b-series motor...


so lets say you have a h22a and your asking if your f22b will fit it then no it wont, get what im getting at here. thats like trying to say im goin to drop a 440BB and try and use 572BB heads, it just doesnt work hahaha

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