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Official September Ride of The Month


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First of all congrats to Mafdark for winning the August ROTM!


Now for September:


Submit your nominations to me via PM. Please use ROTM as the title so i can keep track easier.


You can browse through members rides here to help get an idea.


Keep in mind that members get different cars here quite frequently, so make sure you nominate someone for a car they still have.


- Please nominate 3 members, other than yourself

- You can compete in all 12 months but can only win once

- Once you win, nominations will no longer count

- The three members with the most votes will compete for the ROTM

- Nominations start at the beginning of the month

- Nominations will close at the end of the second week

- The last two weeks will be voting on the top three where they will post their money shots


Congratulations to the Previous Winners: (Can no longer be nominated for this year)

July: Tallhamer

August: Mafdark

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I think we need a new "show off your car thread"

One post per person, 4 pics: engine, exterior, and interior, and either a pic of you in the car or just a wildcard pic. List of current mods only. Whaddaya think? huh

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