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JK's sub and amp breakdown

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I feel like a person who keeps putting all of you down but sony isnt good either :(. I promise if you spend alittle more money on something of better quality you wont be disapointed. Heres car audio brands in a nutshell





Dual (poo), power acoustik (doo doo), jensen (crap), phase linear (you can buy it at autozone...), sony (not good, for the money you could get much better), audioban (ugh bought an amp from them and it crapped out on me in like 3 weeks)




KICKER! (my favorite, good price, amazing quality, last forever), jl (too expensive but nice), Fosgate (great brand, abit pricey but if u can get it on craigslist grab it), eclipse (ridiculous price, but great quality), RE (great stuff), Crossfire (pretty good, no complaints), and thats about it off the top of my head of well known brands... i mean theres always pioneer and whatnot but im not a big fan of best buy stuff.



Please give me your oppinions sparingly

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Also for headunits...


1. pioneer

2. alpine (i upgraded to alpine from sony xplod and have never heard music sound better)

3. eclipse (if you can afford it)

4. clarion

5. kenwood





25. sony

44. lanzar

157. dual

not worth a number. jensen (priceless)




These are just my oppinions in hearing peoples sound and hooking up sound around my area. Please dont get offended.

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youre free to say whatever you want. i'd love to hear your opinion on this as you know probably more than anyone on here about this subject


HA very well then. . .


Lets use these two companies as an example.


Dr. Crankenstein and Visonik


Are these quality companies???? Raise your hand if you say they are crap!!!!!





Visonik is sold in pawn shops, the tell tale sign that they are crap.


Dr. Crankenstein is deemed so horrible that they was pulled of wal-mart shelves . . and they still carry Road Master lol


So, can we say that Dr. Crankenstein and Visonik is a crap company????? most of us would. But let me hit you with this. . .


Does this amp look familiar?




The MMATS DH300 is touted as one of the best amps around. . they are used widely in national events and you can seem them in many DBdrag vehicles. But, take off the MMATS sticker, the 800.00 price tag and what do you REALLY have????




















. . . . drum roll
































Ladies and gentlemen. . . the Dr.Crankenstein DC1000H




^^^^ not the actual picture of one lol. . but it looks just like this one, but bigger and yellow writing on it hahaa



If your jaw just dropped on the floor. . . . simply pick it back up and bare with me a little longer lol


Yes, the touted MMATS D300HC is nothing more then a Dr. Crankenstein amp swapped with solid state capacitors and a little more attention to detail on the soldering joints.


Visonik. . . almost 99% of their lineup sucks teh donkey dong. . but why is it that the 6000xd is used in many competition vehicles as well????


See, here is the thing. MOST companies have a really good something. . . you just have to know what that something is. . .


Lanzar will be on alot of peoples junk list. . but hell, ill take a 5 year old Lanzar Vibe amp any day. . and you know what. . that amp will hold up just as well as my 400.00 RE 12.1 and push just as well.


Think lightening audio is garbage? I have heard systems with the Storm and Strik series subs/amps that would make your nipples hard


There are diamond in the roughs out there . . . . and fortunately, I know of a few of them. But let this be a reminder, before you go talking down on all these companies, dont be so fast to call them "JUNK" because they have a lil something hidden up their sleeves that can surprise you from time to time.


Thats all ill leave you with for now. . Ill come back to revisit this topic when Im not so tired lol

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Just to rant on some more while im bored at work . . .


When deciding which companies are trash and what not, I cant state anything for fact. If some dude has some legacy subs and pyrmid amp and hes happy with his setup then who really cares? Its his money, and his equipment fits his needs.


So this little list ill comprise is just a matter of my own opinion and reasons. .


Sony Xplod series. . I think they call it Xplod because that’s what they do lol


JL Audio – good products, decent customer support but the price tag does not match the product. I cant justify paying all that money when there are other companies out there that do it better for less.


Elemental Designs – started off well, but recent shady business practices now leaves this company on my junk list


Alumpro – personally, his moronic rants against Dan Wiggins and Adire Audio left a bad taste in my mouth. The products are actually solid, but I would never support a company like this


Rockford Fosgate – since mass producing their merchandise to get in chain stores quality has just been unreliable and product has suffered tremendously. They are definitely not what they used to be


Bottom end companies that offer nothing – Legacy, Pyrmid, Rockwood, Kenford, (current) Lanzar, etc. . .

Audiobahn – all flash. I will note that the aluminums are pretty good SQ subs, and the immortals are nice. But the Aluminums cost a lot for what they are, and the reason the immortals are decent is because they are designed under eminences build house, they aren’t even audiobahns. . still, they are too expensive


Concept Audio – on paper they looked great, but some of the most unreliable stuff I have ever touched.

Hifoics – their new subs are awesome. . but that’s about it. They fail everywhere else. Mostly in the reliability department. Their amps push a lot of power while they are running, they serve as 1 year throw aways.


. . . lunch break over, ill add to this J

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memphis has good products. dont think you mentioned them


you are absolutely correct. hopefully god doesnt strike me down for leaving them out


i am a fan of memphis, great stuff, and i would say its up there with crossfire





i am also a fan of i told you so's. Sooooo, tell them what you think about kicker :)

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