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Interior Leak


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This is my first post so please bear with me. So I recently purchased a 2000 Honda Civic EX coupe with the D16Y8 and 5-speed manual. As of about two weeks ago I noticed that water is leaking into the car when it rains and it is getting worse and destroying the interior roof of the car. It is leaking mainy near where the interior roof and the windshield meet. Water mainly gets on the floor and edge of the seats. The car dose have a sunroof but I have not noticed leaks around there. The outside rubber seal around the windshield was very loose. I was wondering if anybody knew what was causing this problem or if this is common. I've never dealt with this with another car and also can anybody help?



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its the seal, have it replaced pronto. had to replace mine in my hatch because it did the same thing. its common if the car was driven in the winter and encountered salt along with summer sun, it will rot that strip no problem

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I had the same problem, most likely your going to have to get it replaced, don't just seal it over because any moisture that is in the groove where the windshield meets the car will cause the windshield holder to rust out. Go to the nearest window place and ask them what they can do. :thumbsup:

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