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89 sedan.


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so far in the week that i have owned the car it has gotten the following..



- momo hub

- personal neo grinta steering wheel 330mm

- ITR yellow stitch shift boot



- xxr 002's 15x 8 zero offset

- dunlop DZ101 195/50/15's

- PIC select coilovers

- ingalls rear camber kit

- skunk2 front camber kit

- blox purple lugnuts

- blox purple LCA's



- DA3 front lip

- clear corners

- smoked taillights, and blinkers

- 5000k HID's


motor is all stock as of right now. power everything.

this is how it looked right when i got it, minus being lowered.








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i'd rather get rims from a more trusted site.. than ebay


You can buy Volk's on ebay, not quite as common. You can change where you buy them from, you can't change the brand or builder.

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