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nice, now you just need to get that fender color matched :)


just waiting to make a trip to harbor freight to get a dual action sander and dent puller. im painting the whole thing black and some bits of silver

lookin good




oh yeah, for me and the car

haha ya bath indeed..



but very nice tint...



about damn time we get some updated pictures, lol


now all you need is some wheels a nice little drop and that fender painted to match and your little eg will be clean :thumbsup:


yeah planning on painting the whole thing with about a 1.5 to 1.75 drop

i thought you got rid of the honda and got a hoopstang?


gave the honda to dad and bought the mustang. didnt like the mustang so put it up for sale. dad didnt like my car so im getting it back lol. he likes his 89 si hatch better

+1 Bath


Nice tint though. Already lookin better.


yeah the tint helps a lot with inside temperature....but makes the fuzz crazy...especially when i pull out that paper statiing its all legal :D

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you ever try to get the doctors note to tint the front windows?


no, i havent had a day off yet to go up there and see about it. hopefully wednesday i can go talk to him. thats my only day off for the next 6 or so days

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its gonna get 1.75 in the front and 2 in the rear. then it will most likely be kept stock paint color but im gonna add silver stripes from the front quarter to the rear quarter and maybe a big silver honda emblem on the hood.


*oh and colter i finally got that not written for the tint, but im not sure if it will excuse my from a ticket, i have to talk to theBMV :( andpossibly the state highway patrol

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