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front diver side door lock wont turn


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i have 1997 accord and recently i cant turn the key in the front driver side door. before the lock stop working there where days when i can turn it and days when i cant.


is there any solution to my problems and if so, what are the step i should take to correct the problem.

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try spraying WD-40 into it. if that doesnt work, take the door panel off, and inspect the locking mechanisms


Please do not put wd-40 in a lock tumbler. Go to the auto parts store and spend $1.99 on a tube of powdered graphite and spray it into the lock tumbler. wd-40 will actually cause your locks to become worse, faster. wd is a water displacer and degreaser, not a lubricant. if you put it in your locks it will only take a rain storm or two and it will be washed away, along with whatever remaining grease was still lubricating the locks and the entirely assembly will then freeze up entirely.


If it isn't convenient to get to the store for graphite then pull out a quart of oil. Dip your key in the oil and then work the lock several times and repeat. It does not off a long term solution but it should work fine for a few months.

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