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Clutch Issue

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so i replaced the clutch last september with an exedy (sp?) and a fidanza flywheel


anyway even before i replaced everything the clutch was always mushy.. and it still is


chris put on a SS braided clutch line yesterday and its still mushy.. the engage point seems like it lasts forever.. like you would really have to try to stall the car out with how the clutch is right now


its not slipping.. when i shift quick it catches hard but the pedal feels like crap


has a brand new slave cylinder also.. after the motor swap the slave cylinder busted open(seriously like exploded) and i got like 500 ft before i had to pull over lol


anyway my question is W T F? are del sol clutches just sucky? (i've been driving the Z a lot which may also make my clutch feel weaker).. or could it be im in need of a pedal adjustment? or maybe something in the pedal is just wore out? (it is 16 years old).. or could it be a clutch master cylinder going out on me?


the clutch is bled.. no air in the system at all.. but the pedal does have like an inch of play before it even gets a little stiff to shift.. (you can sit there and tap it with your foot).. so any ideas?


(and i was super nice to the clutch when i got it.. so i know i didnt f it up when i was breaking it in)

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^thats what i wanted to know


my brakes are not too bad.. i have brembo blanks and hawk pads though.. and probably going to invest in some SS braided lines for the brakes too


i think something might be wore out in the pedal or just REALLY needs an adjustment

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well i bled my brakes for over an hour and had absolutely no air in the line. so either the calipers are bad or i need SB lines instead of rubber ones. as for the clutch im gonna try the adjustment tomorrow and see if that iwll fix mine. if it does u should try it on yours

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