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91 Civix DX

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I drive a 91 Civix DX hatch (five speed) with just over 158k on the clock. Its been a fantastic car to me over the years, and I've kept up with all routine maintenance. It runs like a dream. The only fault is that it is just a tad bit slow. However cool a turbo would be, I just don't have that kind of money. I'm looking for simple, relatively cheap ways to boost the HP just a tidge. I have a fair bit of mechanical experience, and am comfortable working under the hood.

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typically people usually get simple bolt on modifications such as intake, header, and exhaust. then after that some get an intake manifold and a throttle body. now all these mods will MAYBE get you 20 hp at the end of the day and youll be spending well over a grand to do so.


if you want just a little more pep, then bolts ons are for you. but if you want to spend your money wisely and be able to get more power, turbo is the way to go. you might be surprised how cheap people can piece a kit together. check out the turbo necessities thread pinned at the top of this forum to give you a little more insight on turbo setups

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you could run a small turbo, just piece the parts together over time. run an easy 5-7lbs of boost on stock internals and you should have a safe reliable ~170ish fwhp


I like this idea. I would prefer not to spend a couple grand, start up my car, punch the gas, and throw a rod. Seriously not cool.

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