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1982 Honda Prelude Clutch trouble (engine size?)


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I have a 1982 Honda Prelude that is my girlfriends car. The clutch slave cylinder went out in it, I'm going to order a new one, but I dont know what engine it has. The options are the 1.8L and 1.6L. Is there a way to tell what engine it has?


Ive looked all over the engine bay also, and didnt find anything in sight.




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theres a little flat piece of metal right on the engine block should be stickin out right next the a exhaust mani. on the left side neqr the front by the dist. cap and wa not, if you dont see it scrape the nasty build up away and BAMM there it is...


and i do believe its the a18a thats in this model yr of ludes

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