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Engine light flashes when idling

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Hi guys,


I have a 99 Civic 4 Cyl 1.6 non VTEC standard transmission, it's got about 180,000 miles on it so it's pretty well used. I actually don't need it to last much more than a few months.


It's been running quite rough for a while now, particularly when idling. In the past few weeks, the check engine light has frequently begun to flash when in idle. From what I've read on the internet, this indicates a misfire, and I've seen various solutions indicated, most often the spark plugs, the plug wires, the cap, the rotor, the valves, or the fuel injector.


What I haven't been able to find anything about is discussions of this issue when the flashing occurs specifically during idling. In fact, by giving it gas the flashing is made to stop, whether I am driving or simply revving the engine up to about 2K rpm in neutral. Because of this, I am wondering if it is more likely a *gas* related issue - the valves, the injector, or perhaps the fuel filter - as opposed to having anything to do with the electrical - the plugs, wires, distributor, etc.


I am hoping someone who knows more about this sort of thing can tell me if this *does* in fact suggest something to do with the fuel as opposed to the electrical, or if it may just as well be an issue with the plugs or something regardless of when it happens.


Thanks for any advice!

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