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Which exhaust to choose?


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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knew the legal issues with exhaust in Ontario, Canada. I wanted to get an exhaust system that didnt sound too loud so that I dont get pulled over by the cops. Im looking for one with a good tone that is semi loud. Which brand should I get for an exhaust system if I am looking for this?

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david that was the dumbest statement ive ever heard... have you ever heard a hks exhaust on a honda before? theyre deep and throaty until you get on it and it sounds like sex. friend of mine has one on his boosted EP3.. most of the cars that sound like as$ are the ones with custom exhuasts and an axle back welded on.. they need resonators..


i say but full catback in either apex'i, tanabe, or greddy.. youll be happy..


and if you want to hear sound clips go on youtube, its too easy.. youve been told 3 times now.. or check the company's website.. i know HKS has sound clips of their exhausts :thumbsup:

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yes, almost every axleback exhausts ive heard sounds like a pissed off overgrown weedwacker against a tin can.. rasp FTL


i have a resonator on my exhaust and i dont think it sounds bad at all.. part of the reason im soo loud is because i have a test pipe welded to my exhaust so im cat free..

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either cat back or open headers. other wards just stay stock



open header FTL, i ran open header on my sol when it was both D and B series.. its WAY too loud and EVERYTHING vibrates.. i was dizzy from driving on the interstate at 80 mph for 15 minutes.. DO NOT run open header unless you like attention from cops and to sound like a sh!tty racecar


vid of open header, this is about what you would sound like::


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Thermal R&D cat back will give you the same performance as the rest but is probably the quietest of the bunch.

That's what I'm going with on my gsr hatch if I ever pick that project up again.


Dude those were awesome ramps that guy made with the open header 4door. A couple 2x10 planks, a saw, and some really long screws.....genius!

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lol I wasnt lazy ive been looking around I think Im going to try and find a cat back tanabe exhaust. It says its under 93db whatever that means. =] I know this is off topic but anyone know what you put in your car to make that "cushhhhhh" sound everytime you shift?

the cusssh noise if from a turbo BOV.. you can get a short ram or cold air intake itll make a little hiss noise but not a CUUUUSSSSH like a BOV


my open headers werent too bad. didnt have alot of shaking. and wasnt dizzy either

my d open header was louder than my B with the BC headerback

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