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1992 Honda Accord for Sale in Jacksonville


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I am selling my 1992 Honda Accord. I had the motor rebuilt, new gaskets, heads, the whole works. It was not properly torqued so there is now water in the oil.All the gaskets should still be just fine. The car has only been driven 7 miles since the rebuild. The day after it was rebuilt I went to take it to work and noticed white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and pulled over before it ran hot. You can tell by the oil that it has not ran hot. The tanny in this thing is awesome. You can drive it quickly up and down the street to verify that . It comes with a great stereo system, good wheels and tires, power lock and windows. She is in immaculate shape minus the torque being down. A lot of money has been put into her and now I am not allowed to put anymore in her(WIFE) So this is a loss to me. If you have any questions or want to take a look at it please call Al at 904-334-4403. Asking $800 but I will take off the amount to tow. E-mail us for pics joneal1973@yahoo.com

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