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goodbye gold


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so u went from gold to white


dressed up right, white can look very attractive


however, i see how that gold can look pretty unique


paint job looks good, so good job

hope you like the white

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White's about the only time you can get away with chrome accents.


So at least you got that going for ya. :unsure::D


the slipstreams will be back on it soon enough


i don't know if i'd bother putting a for sale thread on here, seeing as everyone's all over the place


it's not the awful frost white (which is what it was when i bought it), it's some mazda white now. i didn't bother to ask, just told him if he sprayed it yellow instead of white it was going to have to be done again.

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do you have any pics of it in its gold state

i kinda wanna see that


A few, but I don't think I have them online anywhere at the moment.


If I were keeping the car, it would have stayed gold. It's a love-it-or-hate-it color, whereas white is neutral.

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