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91 accord vibration/shimmy


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Hello. I have a 1991 Honda accord, it’s a 2 dr with 5speed manual transmission. This poor car has 265xxx miles on it and when I get on the interstate it shakes like crazy (well sometimes). It’s weird because sometimes it will start to shake at 45 and stop and about 70 and then others it will start at bout 60 and shake until about 90mph. when it shakes you can see the hood vibrate and you can feel it in the pedals and the steering wheel. I just had a front end alignment done, (it was 3/8 of an inch off), then I had new tires mounted and balanced, had the rims and tires checked for bends and out of round, I had the lower and upper ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, checked and the mechanic at the alignment center said that they were good. It’s really starting to annoy me. Not the wheel bearings because I just replaced those. I have a 92 accord so I swapped the complete front suspension minus the lower control arms (those are new 800 miles). And it still does it. Could it be the rack and pinion, maybe the front torsion bars? Please help me out Im stumped. I don’t know if I should trust that mechanic or not.

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