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well then ill go ahead and get this started


as of right now all i have is skunk2 coilovers and new set of rims (lame i know)


I want to get (as of now):

turbonetics kit

paint job (metalic jet black or so)

new break lines

new calibers and rotors

smoked rear lights

clear head lights (wish i could get halo)

ameripol top

boost controler, turbo timer

new intake

fuel rail

distributor cap (all performance)


steering wheel

wing (bomz)

and more of coarse


and as u notice i dont really have brand names here, i haven't done too much research in depth ont hem all

when i get a flow of money, i will get into that detail


im going to be going for a black and red color scheme

mostly black

red accents

and a little chrome in places


and of course, will be posting pictures along the way

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