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Del Sol Manual's, Random Tech stuff


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hey guys, just had to send some manuals over to a fellow member, I had to upload them so I thought I might as well post the link up in here just incase anybody wants a copy of them.





Included are all the manuals for...


Body & Roof


Clutch & Gearboxes



Fuel & Emissions

Heater & Air Con

Info, Specs & Maintenance

Power Steering


Wiring Diagrams


Care of Roof Panel

Water Fixes for rear window & pipe cleaning

Door Removal

Rear Bumper Removal

Cowl Leak


A full Del Sol guide


And a few more random ones I've collected.



Hope their useful!!!

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Inside the ZIP file you download, there is another ZIP file called "Honda_del_sol_manuals.zip"


Unzip this, and the file you are looking for is called "Heater & AirCon.pdf". Also all the main manuals are included in this zip file as you will see!



Apologies for the zipping up of all the files, just tried to make it tad smaller for uploading/downloading!

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hey i unziped it and it was not "Heater & AirCon.pdf" really sorry coz i am disturbing you but i really need to remove the heater A/C panel and that´s why i am so ...

thank you SebSol for the manual

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thank you for this


its more help than you know



i have it it was a zip file inside the main zip and it gaved me an error but i solve it

thx man



Glad to have helped.


Free information is always great! I know these are sold on ebay (thinking about I think that's where I got them from :S), but I might as well share them out!

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I downloaded the Zip. When I unzipped I got a CRC error on the internal zip file honda_del_sol_manuals.zip. I tried the downloaded / unzip on 2 PCs with same result. Any suggections?


Thank You


Me 2...???

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cant unzip the manuals. anyone know what I can do to unzip it?

First, download WinRAR here: http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR-32-bit/3000-2250_4-10007677.html , then install WinRAR. Then just open the folder in WinRAR and right click the top folder. Click "extract to the specified folder" and pick the destination, then it will extract and when you go to check in the location everything should be there. Hope this helped!

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dose any one now how to stop the water from coming in from the targa top? I have put all new weather seals all around it and I still have a leak. If any one can HELP Me ???????? Thank you. I am new on here trying check it out.

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I understand this was fixed by using the 1995 model revised seals. I need them myself. May have to rely on NOS network parts.


Thanks for the Manual! BTW: I was able to find a huge bunch of manauls (like my missing Del Sol owners manauls) for nearly anything, FREE at "manaulslib.com". Sign up and up/download to your content. Good open-minded folks at Manuals Library. Pass it on! 8)

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