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For those of us in CA that need to replace a CAT our choices are few: Honda or Magnaflow. Since a new CAT from the dealer runs about $570 (discounted) I decided to try the Magnaflow. The first thing that I noticed is that the rear of the CAT lacked the round groove for the compression ring gasket, as well as studs. No problem, I thought, I'll just call their tech. support and ask which gasket to order. (3-hole, 2" collector, ??? stud spacing) I call and ask the guy about the gasket. He tells me to use the Honda gasket. I tell him that it won't work because there is no groove to hold the gasket. He gets all defensive and tells me that all their products work. I send him photos showing the difference. He replies that I must have a non-standard CAT. What a flaming A#$%*#$%(!


I go to a muffler shop and match up a 3-hole compression gasket. I buy some bolts, nuts, and washers.


When I go to install the CAT I find that the openings in the front flange are too narrow and won't allow the spring loaded bolt to go through.


I could grind out the openings in the front flange, but why risk it not working at all?


I am returning the CAT.

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