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93 Civic stalls intermittently PLEASE HELP!


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Hi guys, I recently purchased a 93 Honda Civic EX for my bro to get back and forth to work. The car likes to cut out intermittently and takes anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes to start back. Here's the details:


On a good day:

Going from Ignition I -> Ignition II - Fuel pump primes, CEL comes on for 2 seconds as fuel pump is priming, cuts off after 2 seconds and starts right up


Bad day:

Whenever it dies out (when I say I die out, I mean basically as if someone took the key out - everything electrical still works but engine shuts off)

Going from Ignition I -> Ignition II - CEL light comes on for 2 seconds, fuel pump DOESN'T prime

Going back and forth from I -> II for a minute or so the *sometimes* fuel pump will eventually prime and you can turn to START and it will turn over and immediately die. Then go back to fuel pump not priming until it's damn good and ready to behave again. OR .. it will prime and start right up


Replaced main relay - didn't help.


Got an error code 15 which indicates ICM .. however .. if the ICM was bad regardless the fuel pump should still prime, eh?


I'm being constantly led toward it being distributor/ICM/etc going thru countless forums but it seems in their cases the fuel pump is priming. I would think if the fuel pump was going I would at least have more of a stutter or classic " stall " yaknow? So I am stumped. Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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