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you know you want one

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lol they did a top ten car show at the redline time attack event we were at so chris put his in Saturday and i put mine in Sunday and ended up with trophys


nopi had like a week to put in together so they had like three catagorys which didnt mean anything cause they just did top ten lol... it was like street custom and wild


thankyou mike


screw you too colt :D

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no, all the trophys say first place on them (facepalm)

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.


My question literally is: "do all the trophies say first place on them?".


Because Sarah made it sound like they just had a bunch of extra trophies hanging around that they wanted to give away.

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lol they did top ten both days and for some reason all the trophys said 1st on them except best of show


i think it was because of the three catagories the street wouldnt have a chance of beating the wild or custom so they just made it even and gave the best 10 trophies


but they called them from first to last... i know this because the not so awesome cars got called first and on saturday chris, the pretty wrx, and the guy who ended up winning best of show got called last



idk when i got called sunday cause i was watchin the race and we heard them calling me from the other side of the track.. we were like oh crap and had to like run across the place

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i really enjoyed the races actually.. there were gtr's everywhere.. 2 were racing.. then there were two porsches.. 08 nismo Z.. black z just like chris's.. turbo scion with a wing on the front.. bad ass nsx... a lot of evos (one group we talked to a lot and got a lot of info about sponorships and stuff.. there were two main guys.. one racing the evo.. one racing a audi rs6.. almost got to ride in the audi but showed up like 15 min too late :( but the guy with a audi also has a boosted k civic and they also have a m3 they race and they pulled the evo's trailor with a porshce)... there was a couple supercharged minis (so cute!!).. a b16 crx that ran alright but i don't think it was running right.. an integra type r that made a bunch of noise but didnt seem to go very fast.. an altima HYBRID.. that one was awesome.. he could go an entire session without using any fuel.. quite a few subarus..


and sooooooooo many gtr's driving around.. silver and black (one blacked out one.. black rims and all that).. a red one.. white ones... so pretty in person


ill post up pics of the cars in a bit.. dinner first :)

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yup.. i know its functional even though it looks crazy.. i always forget his name.. he lost.. he really didnt look like he was even trying.. i dont think the course was a good fit for him or something.. i was excited to see him race cause he had been doing so well.. but idk what happened





hopefully i can get rid of my truck soon and get a new toy and me and chris can go play on that track and the skid pad and hit up some auto crosses

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